Galaxy of games


I’m a big fan of physical games as well as video games, and was listening to a podcast where the CEO of Fantasy Flight Games was being interviewed.

The relevant bit is here - for about 40 seconds.

How do you decide which game to make?

He speaks about how they decide to make a game. They basically make things that they want to play themselves. But they also think about other games that are out there. The analogy is a great one - imagine every game out there is a star in the sky. You want to pick an area which isn’t occupied by lots of other stars. To extend the analogy, if there’s already a bright star there, your game will be outshone.

I think this is a really nice way of thinking about which games to make. Instead of copying another ‘star’ and adding to the noise in a particular area, try and find a new space, where your ‘star’ can shine brightly.

Dan Townsend

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