Cool games - week 43, 2015

Ludum Dare

Here are two cool games I came across this week, which both emerged from Ludum Dare.

Badass by Motion Twin

A short point-and-click adventure game, with a real cool cyberpunk / noir aesthetic. It also uses the point-and-click format of the game to introduce humour, which is something I love.

You can play Badass on the Motion Twin website.

Bed Hogg by Will Blanton

This is game which won Ludum Dare 32. It’s a riff on a fighting game called Nidhogg.

I like the game mechanic where you hit the other play with a pillow, but you can also throw the pillow. It’s a way of dealing unexpected damage to the other player, but it also leaves you without a weapon - so you have to go and find another quickly. These are my favourite kinds of game mechanics, which are simple and fun, but add a strategic element to the game.

You can play Bed Hogg on

Dan Townsend

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