Entertaining Pokemon Cards


I grew up with Pokemon cards. It was the first card game I played.

When I buy something from an online games store, I buy random Pokemon cards to make my order up to the minimum amount for free shipping.

So over a decade since I stopped collecting as a kid, I’m now building my collection back up again.

However, my aim isn’t to get the most powerful cards. Instead I’m after the most humorous, with great artwork and character. I’ve come across some gems which I think are brilliant. Here’s my top 5.

Birthday Pikachu

This card was banned from tournaments because it’s so ridiculous. If it’s your birthday it’s insanely powerful. In a tournament, it turns out it’s everybody’s birthday that day! Haha.


Nintendo weren’t afraid of publishing totally rubbish cards if they fit the theme of the Pokemon in question. Enter Slowpoke. Flip a coin. If you’re lucky, it’s a weak attack. If you’re unluckly it does nothing. Nice! The attack is also called ‘Whimsy Tackle’ which makes me laugh.


I love the artwork on Jigglypuff. So cute. The attacks are basically staring out another pokemon, or inflating.

Dark Wigglytuff

This is what happens when Jigglypuff evolves and turns into a badass.


Another cute pokemon with funny attacks.

Dan Townsend

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